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How to Deal with Gout in Ankles with FSGS

How to deal with gout in ankles with FSGS?How to deal with gout in ankles with FSGS? Many patients with FSGS may have to face with this problem, and that can cause patients to feel painful all the time.

Why patients with FSGS have gout in ankles?

In fact, gout in patients with FSGS is caused by high uric acid. Uric acid is a metabolic product of purine.

About two thirds of uric acid is produced by our body, and one third is gotten from our diet. Besides, everyday’s production and output of uric acid are almost equal. Two thirds of uric acid is secreted out by kidney, and the left is secreted out by intestinal tract.

For patients with FSGS, when their kidney function is damaged by their disease, uric acid will accumulate in their body due to their low kidney function. Urate crystal can come into being when uric acid level is high, and it will accumulate in patient’s joints, which will accumulate in patient’s joints, including ankles.

How to deal with gout in FSGS patients’ ankles?

To control or alleviate gout in FSGS patients’ ankles, there are many effective measures can be taken.

1.Diet regulation:

Uric acid is produced by purine, so it is necessary for patients to reduce the intake of foods with high purine, like animal organs, meat, etc. Patients should avoid drinking alcohol, because that can also increase their uric acid level. It is better for patients to drink more water to increase their urine output, which is beneficial for the secretion of uric acid. Besides, moderate calory intake can help patient’s body to be alkaline, which is very beneficial.

2.Life habits:

Patients should make them have some beneficial life habits, which can also help lower their uric acid level. Like taking appropriate aerobic exercise regularly, relaxing mental state, having enough rest, etc.

3.Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy:

The root cause of gout and high uric acid is patient’s low kidney function. So, to control and relieve patient’s gout in ankle, it is necessary to improve patient’s kidney function.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is a perfect measure to reach that goal, because Chinese medicine can promote patient’s self-repairing ability obviously, and this therapy use advanced osmotic technology to make Chinese medicine work more effectively. Besides, this therapy can help make a well internal circumstance in repairing kidney damage.

These measures can help patients control their gout and relieve their condition. Of course, patients will have many other needs in dealing with their problems according to their own conditions.

Kidney disease is very dangerous, so patients should do what they can to improve their condition. If you have any trouble, you can contact our online experts, and we will do what we can to help you.

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