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Curcumin to Treat FSGS

Curcumin to Treat FSGSCurcumin is one extract of turmeric that can help flavor our dishes largely. For people with FSGS, inflammatory reactions in kidneys cause kidney scarring gradually, so foods rich in antioxidant substances may be helpful. In this case, curcumin may help to treat FSGS kidney disease.

The biggest benefit of curcumin, just as the above mentioned, is anti-inflammation and antioxidant. It is proven that curcumin can drastically reduce the incidence of athersclerosis and inflammatory reactions, so it can help protect remaining kidney functioning tissues effectively. For this reason, we can know curcumin is able to help treat FSGS.

Besides, curcumin can also help improve patients’ digestive system. FSGS is one kind of Chronic Kidney Disease that progresses slowly. Affected by long-term disease, FSGS patients usually have poor appetite. Curcumin can increase the secretion of bile that can boost patients’ digestive system largely.

Other benefits of curcumin for FSGS patients include supporting memory function, cleansing skin, prompting heart health, etc. All of these effects can help prevent FSGS complications helpfully.

However, excessive amount of curcumin, in turn, will cause some side effects especially for kidney disease patients. Side effects include stomach upset, muscle cramps and diarrhea. If you have had one of these symptoms, you must stop the use of curcumin.

To be responsible for patients’ safety and health, you had better determine how much curcumin one time in your daily life with online doctor’s guidance.

Here, we also have some dietary suggestions for FSGS patients. Hopefully, they are helpful for you.

- Develop a low-salt diet with 1,000~4,000 g of sodium one daily

- Limit the intake of protein about 0.8 g/kg body weight every day

- Drink correct amount of fluid

- Follow a low-fat and low-cholesterol diet

- Take in correct amount of potassium and phosphorus

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