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FSGS in Children With Headache, Nausea and Fatigue

Kidney Disease is a systemic medical condition. FSGS is a typical example which causes the children experience headache, nausea and fatigue.

FSGS causes inefficient filtering of wastes from the blood which in return causes the following symptoms.


Kidneys are important organs which consist of more than 1 million glomeruli in each of them. Glomeruli work to filter the toxins out of the blood and make your internal environment clean and health. However, in patients with FSGS, a part of glomeruli are scarred and fail to function. This causes the toxins build up in the blood. When it affects the blood in the head, headache will make the patients suffer a lot.


Toxins building up in blood is a cause for nausea in Children FSGS patients. In addition, swelling is a possible trigger. Swelling is a common symptom in patients with FSGS. You may see swelling in your legs, feet, face, eyes etc, however, by the scanning tests, your doctor also can find the swelling in your internal organs. If your digestive orangs are swollen, nausea will be a “regular friend” for you.


Persistent fatigue can be one of the most debilitating symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease. Fatigue in FSGS is most often caused by anaemia – a shortage of oxygen-carrying red blood cells. Anaemia begins early in kidney disease, and tends to get worse as the kidneys lose function and produce less erythropoietin (EPO).

Headache, Nausea, Fatigue can come on slowly and you might not know it is a symptom worth telling your doctor about. Besides, there are other mild symptoms which usually are belittled by children or their parents. If you find any changes in your children, please talk with your doctor or leave a message below. And we are glad to help analyze it for you.

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