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FSGS and Kidney Pain

Kidney Pain is typically experience in the flank and in the back, which may be a “regular friend” for patients with FSGS.

There are some causes which may make FSGS patients experience kidney pain.

Kidney infection

Kidney infection is common experience for any patient with any kinds of Kidney Diseases. Kidney infections are caused by bacteria that travels up the urethra to the bladder and infects the kidneys. It may feel sharp or intense, not dull and aching.

Kidney Stone

Due the changes caused by FSGS, kidney stone is also a common complication for patients. The pain of kidney stones most commonly develops because the stones block a portion of the urinary tract, usually the ureter that connects the kidney to the bladder. The pain from a kidney stone is usually sharp and severe and may come in waves. This is known as renal colic.

If you experience kidney pain along with FSGS, you are suggested to seek medical attention right away. You can leave your medical details below and we are here and glad to help find the underlying cause. CONTACT EMAI:

Is there any solutions for kidney pain in FSGS?


Over centuries, herbalist have identified the plants most beneficial to kidney health. Some specific herbs help kidney cleaning, alleviate kidney pain and reduce the changes for developing Chronic Kidney Disease.

Avoiding Alcohol

Alcohol actually dehydrates the body and your kidneys have to work over-time to keep vital blood parameters within tight limits. Alcohol drinking can stimulate your kidneys and worsen the kidney pain.


Treating the root cause is the way to reverse the symptoms of Kidney Disease. FSGS is caused by the underlying immune system disorder. Immunotherapy helps reverse both immune system and kidney damage, which can make the body to recovery from the symptoms naturally.

As immunotherapy is a biotherapy which shows no major side effects, it becomes a popular gift for children patients.

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