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Will 3 Stage FSGS Make Patients More Tired

Will 3 Stage FSGS Make Patients More TiredFSGS in Stage 3 means glomeruli have been damaged moderately so that the scarred glomerli are no longer able to filter blood adequately. Then, patients are more likely to suffer from symptoms. Well then, will stage 3 FSGS make patients more tired?

Yes. Quite a number of FSGS patients complain that they are always extremely tired, achy and have no motivation. According to clinical practice, the feeling of tired in stage 3 FSGS can be caused by the following conditions:

1. Anemia

When your kidneys are damaged by FSGS, the kidneys cannot secrete enough erythropoietin to stimulate bone marrows to from red blood cells. As a result, there are not enough red blood cells to transport oxygen to the muscles and then you may feel tired easily. Actually, the more advanced kidney damage is, the more tired you will feel.

2. Protein loss

Once a lot of protein leaks from the body, it may make you feel tired as well, because the body is struggling to make more protein to keep up with the amount you lost. That’s to say, the more protein you loss, the more tired you will suffer.

3. Serious water retention

Due to decline of renal function, extra fluid is more likely to accumulate in the body tissues, triggering swelling. The severe swelling can cause pain feeling and fatigue for patients.

4. Poor immune system

Poor immune system can be caused by long-term kidney damage. In addition, some medications also like steroids also can attack patient’s immune system. Poor immunity is also a common cause of tiredness.

Through the above analysis, we can see that there are many factors will make Stage 3 FSGS patients more tired. Then, next step is to take effective treatments for relieving fatigue. You can email to us at or leave a message below directly for getting more help! Our Consultation is free!

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