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Protein 4+ in Urine for FSGS Patients

Protein 4+ in Urine for FSGS PatientsAccording to the amount of protein leakage in 24 hours, protein in urine can be described as +~++++. Protein 4+ in urine for FSGS patients means the amount of protein leakage is about 3.0g/24h. How to alleviate protein 4+ in urine for FSGS patients?

Why do FSGS patients have proteinuria 4+?

Excessive protein leakage is due to the damage of kidney charge barrier. The reason why our kidneys can filter blood normally is because our kidney filtering structure is quite perfect. Our kidney filtering structure contains two part: kidney mechanical barrier and kidney charge barrier. Kidney charge barrier carries negative charge, while protein also carries negative charge. Like charges repel, so kidneys can keep protein in the body.

However, FSGS causes scarring in kidneys, when kidney filtering structure especially charge barrier is damaged. Extra amount of protein will leak into the urine, forming proteinuria. The more protein leaks from the kidney into urine, the more quickly patients should take treatments.

Treatments for protein 4+ in urine for FSGS patients

Western medicines: In order to alleviate proteinuria, some western medicines may be taken, and they are steroids, immunosuppressant, ACEI, and ARBs, and so on. Steroids and immunosuppressants can inhibit the protein leakage and inflammatory reactions within kidneys through weakening the immune system. ACEI and ARBs can alleviate protein leakage through reducing the pressure on kidney filters.

Chinese Herbal Medicine: Quite a number of herbal medicines are also effective on treating protein leakage for FSGS patients. For example, thunder god vine, cinnamon, sichuan men, etc, can help reduce protein in urine. Besides, some other Chinese medicines can increase the blood flow into kidneys and prompt the recovery of scarred kidney functioning tissues, so as to treat FSGS fundamentally.

No matter whether you want to take western medicine or Chinese medicine, make sure you are taking correct medications. If you have any question, welcome to contact us.

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