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Swelling of Extremities for FSGS Patients

Swelling of Extremities for FSGS PatientsIf kidneys are involved in FSGS, patients may have swelling of extremities. This symptom may bring many discomforts for FSGS patients, so patients must want to accept some therapies to alleviate this problem.

Why do patients with FSGS have swelling in extremities?

Generally, three conditions can cause this problem. They are:

1. Decline of glomerular filtration rate (GFR): When kidneys are damaged severely, they are unable to eliminate extra fluid from tissues into urine. Accordingly, patients’ urine output declines obviously. This is one common cause of swelling in extremities.

2. Decreased plasma colloid osmotic pressure: Plasma colloid osmotic pressure in both sides of blood vessels affect the exchange of body fluid between outside and inside blood vessels. If too much protein leaks from the body into urine, plasma colloid osmotic pressure declines. Then, fluid in blood vessels will move into tissues, causing extremity swelling.

3. Side effects of prednisone or other steroids: To treat FSGS, doctors may prescribe some steroids for these patients. However, long-term taking usage of these medicines can cause a series of side effects including swelling.

How to manage swelling in extremities for FSGS patients?

According to the causes, the treatments should begin from the following aspects. (To get an individual treatment plan, you can consult our Doctor online or email to

Limited intake of fluid and sodium: This can prevent extra fluid and sodium to retain in the body, worsening patients’ swelling.

Supplement of high-quality protein: High-quality protein produces fewer side effects in the body and increases plasma colloid osmotic pressure in the body.

Seeking alternative medicines to steroids: Compared with western medicines, Chinese Herbal Medicine has fewer side effects, some of which are proven to have the properties of rebuilding kidney structure and improving kidney function. Check what medicines are suitable for you.

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