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FSGS: High Creatinine Level 11.5, High PTH Level, Low HB

A English man asked help from us about his wife whose suffered from FSGS, high creatinine level 11.5, high PTH level and low HB level. He attached some of his wife’s tests report to us. And we try to make an analysis for her as follows.

In my opinion, your wife's primary disease can be the interstitial nephritis, for most kidney problem patient, their creatinine level rise first, then the kidney begin to shrink, but for the interstitial nephritis patient, in the early stage, the kidney show shrink, then when the kidney function is injured, the creatinine level begin to rise. Does your wife have long time inflammation in the urinary tract? or take some kind of medication for a long time? This kind of disease is always caused by these two reasons.

According to the test report, her High Creatinine Level of 11.5 is still a rather high level, though you said that sometimes her creatinine level can reach to 15, then we can see that the normal dialysis cannot discharge the toxins in her body effectively. You know that the dialysis can only deal with the micro-molecule toxins. However, the macromolecule toxins, which is more harmful to the body, cannot be discharged out of the body. We can also see that she is showing electrolyte disorder, her potassium level is a little higher, while the Na and K level are a little lower. So first she should keep a reasonable diet, which i think you are keeping well for her. And the most important is to improve the disorder of the inner environment inside the kidney.

We can also see that the PTH level of your wife is rather high. There can be two reasons. The first one is that they are both of parathyroid adenoma, which can cause the high PTH and the second is that there may be some genetic factor. There is one kind of kidney problem named Alport syndrome, the patient can show problem in eyesight and ear, and it is a genetic one.

For her Low HB, aside from her iron intake, the injection of the erythropoietin can also help improve her condition. This is just a rough and simple analysis. If you need any detailed help, you are suggested to leave a message below or contact our online service directly.

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