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How to Stop Protein Output for FSGS Patients

How to Stop Protein Output for FSGS PatientsFSGS refers to focal segmental glomerular sclerosis. It is reported that 2/3 of cases present obvious swelling and heavy proteinuria. The high levels of protein output may trigger many other problems. Therefore, most FSGS patients wonder how to stop their protein output.

The experience of one FSGS patients consulted in Kidney Service China

This FSGS patient has had 2 months of prednisone. This medicine helps immediately stops his protein output but doesn’t keep him in remission for very long. Now, he is doing some research on cyclosporine and considers to take this medicine, because protein leakage comes again.

Do you have a similar experience with this patient?

If yes, you should know that FSGS is one kidney disorder in which scarring develops within glomeruli, while keeping protein in the body is one important function of glomeruli. Therefore, when these kidney filters are damaged, a large amount of protein will leak out via urine.

Prednisone, one type of steroid, can help inhibit protein from leaking and inflammatory reactions within kidneys. This is why FSGS patients find their protein output declines obviously with the help of this medicine. However, it is common that FSGS relapses again and again.

In this case, some other medicines such as cyclosporine and cellcept may be helpful to strengthen the therapeutic effect. As for which medicine is best for certain patient, it should depend on patient’s individual condition. (If you have a similar problem, you can leave your illness description in the below message board. We are glad to help you.)

In addition to medical treatments, some home remedies are also helpful to reduce protein output.

For FSGS patients who have serious protein leakage, the following remedies are worth a try.

- Limit the protein intake and take in high-quality protein

- Avoid strenuous exercise

- Prevent infection actively

- Take regular foot bath

- Use Hot Compression with doctor’s guidance

- Control you blood pressure timely if you have high blood pressure

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