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Why FSGS Patients Have Throwing Up and Fever

Why FSGS Patients Have Throwing Up and FeverFSGS refers to focal segmental glomerular sclerosis that can occur at any age, especially in children and youngsters. Meanwhile, throwing up, or nausea and vomiting, and fever may accompany FSGS kidney disease, although they are not as common as proteinuria and swelling. Try to find out why FSGS patients have throwing up and fever.

Do you have a similar experience?

One of our patient is 10 years old. He is on cyclosporine right now, as well as being weaned off prednisone. But for the last four days, he is been sleeping all day, but eating much, fever off and on and sometimes throwing up. In view of this, we help him hold an expert consultation, in order to make a better treatment option with less discomfort.

What causes throwing up and fever for FSGS patients?

From this medical case, we can know throwing up and fever is more likely to be one side effect of cyclosporine or other medications. Because this type of medications work through weakening patients’ immune system and inhibiting immune respond, harmful substances, bacteria or virus, may seize the chance to attack the body, resulting in infections. Throwing up or fever is just one sign of various infections.

Besides, low kidney function may be another cause of these symptoms. When kidneys can’t do their work normally, waste products and toxins may build up in the body. These harmful substances can damage various cells all over the body via blood circulation. Then, a series of symptoms may appear including throwing up, fever, poor appetite and so on.

What can we do to ease FSGS patients’ throwing up and fever?

Here, we have known the causes. For the patient of us, kidney experts decide to use some external application Chinese medicines to improve his condition. Some Chinese medicines have strong immune activity that can combine, split and discharge immune complexes and harmful substances from the body. At the same time, some auxiliary treatments such as Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Foot Bath, Circle Therapy, are also applied. Finally, this patient’s overall health condition as well as kidney condition is improved largely.

However, since different patients have different medical cases, the above treatments may not work very well for every FSGS patients. If you or your child has the same problem, you can contact us by emailing to or leaving a message below.

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