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What Level of Creatine Can Maintain Without Dialysis for FSGS Patients

What Level of Creatine Can Maintain Without Dialysis for FSGS PatientsFor FSGS patients, high creatinine level is an reliable indicator to reflect kidney damage. When your kidneys are damaged severely, high creatinine level will occur, and dialysis may be recommended by your doctors. However, what level of creatinine can maintain without dialysis for FSGS patients?

The normal range of creatinine level

Creatinine means chemical waste products from our muscles. Healthy kidneys can filter them out with urine. The typical reference ranges are 0.5 to 1.1mg/dl for women and 0.6- 1.2mg/dl for men.

Dialysis for lowering high creatinine level

There is no doubt that dialysis can reduce creatinine level. Dialysis can remove toxins and purify blood, but it has some side effects and bring many discomforts for patients. It can not control the product of creatine. What’s more, generally speaking, patients should not undergo dialysis until their creatinine levels elevate to 8.0 mg/dl or higher. Thereby, controlling high creatinine level timely can help avoid dialysis.

Factors of causing high creatinine level

1. Renal impairment or failure

2. Destruction of muscle

3. High intake of meat

4. Dehydration

5. Strenuous exercise

All these factors can elevate creatinine level, so the daily management can reduce creatinine level to normal and cause no harms to your body.

Methods to help FSGS patients maintain their creatinine level without dialysis

1. Healthy diet. Developing a balanced renal diet is beneficial for lowering high creatinine level and controlling the development of disease. For FSGS patients, they should avoid high salt food, fatty and grass food. Meantime, they should limit intake of phosphorus and potassium.

2. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. In order to improve the efficiency of medicine and avoid the damage to gastrointestinal tract, this osmotherapy is created. What’s more, this treatment is applied externally and patients just need to lie on the bed. With the western devices, the active ingredient can enter into kidney lesions effectively. It can improve the cells’ self-healing ability. If kidney function can be enhanced, dialysis will not happen to FSGS patients with high creatinine level.

In daily life, FSGS patents should do routine tests in order that they have a safe creatinine level, such as urine test, blood test, kidney function test, etc. Once you have a high creatinine level, you should pay attention to the management of creatinine level. Only you have a good management for creatinine level, can you avoid undergoing dialysis.

If you have any questions, you can consult our online experts or send an email to and we’ll give your a satisfactory answer.

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