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Proteinuria And FSGS

Proteinuria And FSGSFSGS is a kind of kidney disease which mainly causes problem in glomeruli. Proteinuria is a common symptom in patents with FSGS, and a better understanding about this aspect is very helpful for patients to deal with their disease.

Symptom caused by proteinuria

For FSGS patients, if they have proteinuria, they may find there are foams on the surface of their urine.

In normal condition, the tension on urine surface is low, so there will not have many foams on the surface. But when there is much protein in patients’ urine, it will increase the tension of urine surface, and it is easy to form forms in this condition. Besides, the foams caused by proteinuria will exist for a long time.

Besides, proteinuria is a complication of kidney disease, and it can also aggravate patients’ kidney damage severely.

Why FSGS patients have proteinuria?

Kidney mainly consists of glomeruli and kidney tubules. Glomeruli have the function of filtration, and kidney tubules have the function of reabsorption. Glomeruli’s filtration can filter the wastes out of our body, and keep the useful substances in blood. While kidney tubules’ reabsorption can reabsorb the leaked nutrients and water back to blood, so that can keep our internal circumstance’s balance.

For patients with FSGS, their kidneys are damaged, and the damage mainly appears in glomeruli, which will cause lots of useful substances to leak out from their kidneys. When the amount of leaked protein is more than the amount that can be reabsorbed by kidney tubules, patients will have proteinuria.

What can patients do to relieve this condition?

Except for the treatment, patients should also pay attention to their lifestyle.

In patients’ diet, they should restrict their protein intake, which can help them relieve this symptom and protect their kidney function. Besides, they should also pay attention to other aspects of their diet, like the mineral intake, the sodium intake, the water intake and the vitamin take, etc. These are important for kidney disease patients’ health.

In their life, FSGS patients should make themselves have good life habits, like have regular and enough rest, do exercise regularly, always keep good emotion, stop drinking and smoking, and so on.

If right measures are taken, patients’ condition must will be relieved obviously.

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