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Focal Segmental Glomerulonephritis and Pregnance

FSGS,pregnanceWhether the women with (focal segmental glomerulonephritis)FSGS can get pregnant mainly depends on their whole disease condition.

Abortion, stillborn foetus, premature delivery also is commonly seen among women with FSGS. If the creatinine level is less than 1.4, there is about 10% chance that the women will have a premature delivery. With 1.4~1.9 creatinine level, the chance of prematurity goes up to 50%. Most women with creatinine level above 2, they will have trouble conceiving.

If the patient is suffering from severe high blood pressure, she is not suggested to consider pregnancy. High blood pressure is a major risk for successful pregnancies. It can increase the incidence of preeclampsia which is harmful to both mom and baby. Therefore, the women with FSGS should control their blood pressure to 140/90 mmHg. Meanwhile, the women with FSGS should know that pregnancy can worsen the underlying kidney disease and aggravate renal function. In severe case, it may cause Acute Renal Failure.

Also, f the women have developed serious Renal Failure, they are not recommended to get pregnant. Because once they get pregnant, the metabolic products produced by baby have to be excreted by the mother’s kidneys. This will certainly put extra strain on their kidneys, accelerating the renal function aggravation. Creatinine level under 1.1 mg/dl and creatinine clearance rate above 70ml/min are safe for pregnancy.

If the women have to depend on use of a large dosage of hormone or immunosuppressive agents to control their disease, these medications will certainly cause significant damage to their baby. Therefore, it is very necessary for women with FSGS to receive effective treatment to control their disease and make sure that they are free of or reduce the dosage of hormone and immunosuppressive agents during pregnancy.

If the women with FSGS do decide to get pregnant, they should take off the medications that could be harmful for the baby and have them closely monitored by a high-risk OB. All in all, you are suggested to have full talk with your doctors in advance. Or you are welcomed to leave your message below.

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