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Is Celery Juice Good for FSGS Patients

Is Celery Juice Good for FSGS PatientsPatients with FSGS kidney disease may suffer from a series of symptoms and problems with the progression of their illness condition. Celery and celery juice is believed to be beneficial for patients’ digestive tract and cardiovascular system. Is celery juice beneficial for FSGS patients?

Focal segmental glomerular sclerosis

FSGS is one condition in which kidney scarring attacks glomeruli. When kidneys can’t filter blood normally, extra fluid will retain in the body and nutritions will leak into urine. Therefore, 2/3 of FSGS patients have heavy proteinuria and severe swelling, and 30%~50% of patients have high blood pressure. All of these symptoms affect these patients’ prognosis.

FSGS and celery juice

In addition to medications and treatments, a healthy diet plan can do a lot to help manage FSGS symptoms and improve patients’ prognosis. What can celery juice do for patients with FSGS?

One biggest health benefit of celery juice is its inflammatory and antioxidant property. It is reported that the onset of FSGS has a close link with the buildup of immune complexes in kidneys which can cause inflammatory reactions. Celery is rich in phenolic acids, flavonols, dihydrostilbenoids, flavones and polyacetylen, all of which can inhibit inflammatory reactions in kidneys and protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues.

Celery juice can also help aid FSGS patients’ kidney function through eliminating extra fluid, waste products and toxins from the body. Then, patients’ high blood pressure and swelling can be alleviated a lot.

As the above mentioned, another health benefit of celery is to boost digestive system that can improve patients’ appetite and nutrient structure effectively.


Now, we have known both celery and celery juice can bring a lot of benefits for patients with FSGS kidney disease. However, if patients’ potassium level is higher or they have gastrointestinal disorders, they should limit or avoid celery juice. If you have this problem, check with the doctor online to determine whether you can drink it safely.

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