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Does Eating Cilantro Help Treat FSGS Kidney Disease

Does Eating Cilantro Help Treat FSGS Kidney DiseaseCilantro, one part of coriander, is a leafy herb that can be used to add flavor to your dishes. Besides, many salads include cilantro in them. FSGS kidney disease occurs commonly in children and youngsters. Can eating cilantro help them treat their FSGS?

With the progress of kidney disease, FSGS patients may suffer from proteinuria, high blood pressure, anemia, malnutrition, etc. From this point, they are suggested to develop a restricted diet plan. However, in turn, such a diet plan will worsen their malnutrition and lower their immune ability. In this case, it is very important to eat correct foods.

To treat FSGS, patients may be prescribed steroids or immunosuppressants. One big side effect of these medicines is low immunity, so patients are at a high risk of infections. Cilantro contains rich vitamin C and flavonoid that are common antioxidants. Furthermore, the carotene in cilantro is more than that in tomato, bean and cucumber. Therefore, this herb can help improve their immunity.

Long-term kidney disease and the build up of waste products may affect patients’ appetite largely. This plant leaf is rich in dietary fiber, so it can help boost patients’ appetite quality. Have a regular diet plan that can help them fight against their kidney disease.

Additionally, this herb is also one good source of minerals such as iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, etc. If FSGS patients lack these minerals, they are more likely to suffer from the corresponding complications.

Although cilantro can bring these benefits for FSGS patients, they should avoid this plant if they have the following problems:

- Blood tests show high potassium or phosphorus level

- Patients have chronic skin disease or eye problem

- The patient is very weak

- The patient has duodenal ulcer

If you can’t determine whether you can eat this plant, you can consult the doctor online or leave a message to

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