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Does Creatinine Level Fluctuate in FSGS

Does Creatinine Level Fluctuate in FSGSCreatinine is a breakdown product of creatine phosphate in muscle. Creatine phosphate is a component of the skeletal muscles which is broken down to supply energy to the body cells. The creatinine thus obtained then enters the blood stream to reach the kidneys, from where it is discharged through the urine. The normal blood creatinine level is about 0.5-1.2 mg/dL. In case of FSGS, the creatinine level may fluctuate. Why?

Creatinine level can fluctuate and is a difficult thing to control. A small fraction of it is contributed by the patients' activity, but the vast majority is determined by their body size and remaining kidney function. As each of these things fluctuates, so does their creatinine level. So it there any natural way to control the level in FSGS? The answer is 'YES'.

The healthy kidneys filter blood to remove extra water and waste products such as creatinine. When the filtration mechanism is damaged gradually, people have raised creatinine level. Unfortunately, by the time elevated creatinine levels have been detected, a substantial amount of kidney function (>50%) can already have been lost. The causes of this kidney damage in FSGS is due to massive immune complex deposits in the kidneys.

In general, dialysis is suggested if one's creatinine level has increased to about 5-6 mg/dL. So, for FSGS patients, they are suggested to lower the high creatinine level fundamentally so as to avoid Kidney Failure and Dialysis.

Immunotherapy is a natural treatment for FSGS which can protect the kidneys from being further damaged and repair the damage renal filtration mechanism. So the high creatinine level can be controlled well without fluctuation. For more information about this natural therapy, you can refer to this article: How Immunotherapy Helps Reduce High Creatinine Levels. Hope this really helps for your understanding!

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