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The Fatality Rate of FSGS Kidney Disease

The Fatality Rate of FSGS Kidney DiseaseHow high is the fatality rate of FSGS kidney disease? According to the underlying cause, FSGS is divided into two types: idiopathic focal segmental glomerulosclerosis (FSGS) and secondary FSGS. So, the prognosis and life expectancy of FSGS changes from person to person.

Firstly, we should clarify one fact that FSGS kidney disease won’t cause death directly. The worst prognosis of FSGS is end stage kidney failure or renal death, and then patients have to do dialysis or kidney transplant. From this point, the fatality rate of FSGS isn’t as high as some patients worry.

In order to manage FSGS kidney disease, doctors always recommend steroids, immunosuppressants, ACEI, ARBs or other medications. Some researches report that 30% of FSGS patients can get complete remission, 20% of patients can get partial remission, while 50% of patients fail to respond to these medication and FSGS progresses into end stage kidney failure gradually. The mean duration before the onset of renal death is about 2~6 years, and patients’ life expectancy will decrease by 20-40 years.

Generally, the prognosis is associated with several factors including proteinuria, age, response to medications, high blood pressure, the decline of kidney function, and so on. That is to say, these factors also affect the mortality rate and fatality rate of FSGS kidney disease. If controlled very well, patients can get survive from this disease successfully. If not, patients may suffer from renal failure or even death suddenly.

From the above analysis, we can know it is hard to give out the fatality rate of FSGS kidney disease correctly, since patients’ medical condition changes from person to person. If you are experiencing this disease, you should take proper and prompt treatment to improve your health condition and prolong your life expectancy.

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