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The Average Lifespan of FSGS Kidney Disease

The Average Lifespan of FSGS Kidney DiseaseFSGS kidney disease refers to focal segmental glomerulosclerosis. In the early stage, FSGS is not life-threatening. However, when it develops into end stage, a series of severe health problems appear that must affect patients’ life largely. Therefore, these patients must want to know what is the average lifespan of FSGS kidney disease.

Firstly, average lifespan of FSGS patients should depend on their illness progress.

FSGS is one common cause of primary Nephrotic Syndrome in children and adults. Most cases of FSGS present chronically progressive and finally aggravate into kidney failure, while a small number of FSGS patients whose illness condition progresses quickly develop into kidney failure earlier.

Secondly, find out what factors affect these patients’ lifespan

In addition to decline of kidney function, cardiovascular disorders, severe infections, hyperkalemia, metabolic acidosis and some other complications. If uncontrolled effectively or timely, any of them may threaten patients’ life.

Thirdly, we will introduce the average lifespan of FSGS

As we know, some FSGS patients can get complete clinical remission and live as long as normal people, while some other patients develop into kidney failure very quickly. If unfortunately, a part of kidney failure patients suffer from heart failure suddenly and die. Since FSGS patients’ life expectancy has a so big difference, it is hard to conclude their average lifespan of FSGS.

Finally, try to learn how to improve the lifespan for FSGS patients

From the above analysis, we can know it should begin from slowing down or even stopping the progression of FSGS kidney disease and controlling complications actively. Besides, following a healthy diet plan and arranging a scientific lifestyle is also important. If you have any question about FSGS treatment or diet plan, you can send your question to or leave it in the form below. Then, you can get the answer in 24 hours.

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