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Is There Anything to Worry When FSGS Patient Is in Remission

Is There Anything to Worry When FSGS Patient Is in RemissionFSGS, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, attacks glomeruli causing serious scarring. It is reported that 75% of patients can get remission through eating effective medicines, but FSGS relapses easily. Therefore, when FSGS patients are in remission, they should worry about risk factors for FSGS recurrence.

If you are enough fortunate to get remission from FSGS kidney disease, the next thing you need to do is to prevent FSGS relapse. Today, you can learn about what factors affect the relapse of FSGS.

1. Overwork or overtired

In clinic, some FSGS patients have upper respiratory infection or allergic reaction before the onset of FSGS. Overwork or too tiredness will put patients in the state of low immunity, which may induce infections as well as FSGS relapse easily.

2. Excessive amount of sodium intake

Although some FSGS patients are in remission, it doesn’t mean their scarred glomeruli have been repaired. In this condition, extra sodium intake is more likely to trigger or worsen fluid retention and increase the burden on kidneys. Finally, FSGS appears again easily.

3. Uncontrolled hypertension

Hypertension is one sign of bad FSGS prognosis. If untreated effectively, it will make kidney filters to work harder, resulting in kidneys’ overwork and FSGS relapse.

4. Hyperlipidemia

Hyperlipidemia is one disease that makes blood flow abnormally, so less blood and oxygen is provided for inherent kidney cells. Without enough nutritions, kidney scarring will become worse.

5. FSGS presents the form of Nephrotic Syndrome

If FSGS patients have a large amount of protein in urine and obvious swelling, they will have relapse easily. In other words, these patients should pay highly attention to FSGS relapse, when their FSGS prevents the form of Nephrotic Syndrome.

Now, we have known what FSGS patients should worry about when they are in remission. Then, we should learn how to reduce these risks. If you have anything unclear, you can ask the help from doctor online.

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