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How to Improve the Prognosis of FSGS

How to Improve the Prognosis of FSGSHow to improve the prognosis of FSGS? If you have interest in this, please follow me to find the answer.

FSGS is a common type of primary glomerular disease. And it is commonly seen in children and young people. According to the reliable data, about 50% FSGS patients in adult have asymptomatic proteinuria, and the remaining half presented as Nephrotic Syndrome. In addition, there can also be high blood pressure, decline in renal function, hematuria and so on.

Before introducing ways to improve the prognosis of FSGS, it is essential for us to learn about the influencing factors, for example, age, symptoms like massive proteinuria, high blood pressure, hyperlipidemia, pathological change, infections, thromboembolic complication and drugs.

How to improve the prognosis of FSGS?

Diet Following a scientific diet is very important for these patients. If there is massive proteinuria, the protein intake should be restricted accordingly. Meanwhile, they had better eat some high-quality protein foods. Besides, other aspects should also be noted. Wanna to get a personalized dietary advice? Please feel free to consult with our online doctors.

Exercises Taking regular exercises can help strengthen physical fitness and enhance the body immunity, in this way, the possibility of having infections will be decreased. But remember the intensity of movement should be controlled well.

Timely treatment To improve the prognosis of FSGS, it’s quite essential to take both timely and effectively treatments. At our Kidney Service China, Immuntherapy, Blood Purification technique, Chinese Herbal Medicine, etc can be used together to obtain a better therapeutic effect.

Healthy habits In daily life, sufferers should quit smoking, drinking and keep a positive attitude.

Rational use of drugs In this regard, patients are requested to stay away from nephrotic drugs. Besides, it is also important to take medicines on time and do not change the dosage casually.

Anything unclear about how to improve the prognosis of FSGS, please kindly let us know immediately!

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