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What Factors Affect the Recurrence of FSGS

What Factors Affect the Recurrence of FSGSIs it so difficult to treat FSGS (Focal Segmental Glomerular Sclerosis)? Since many FSGS patients have been suffering from the recurrence, they want to know the reasons. The following article is about the factors affecting the recurrence of FSGS.

Poor graft survival

FSGS is a disease hard to cure. Normally, patients are treated by taking steroids and immunosuppressants. That can just delay the progression of FSGS. For most patients with persisting proteinuria or at end stage renal disease (ESRD), renal transplantation is always considered as a treatment. However, 25%~40% patients develop recurrence of FSGS in the first kidney allograft. The risk of recurrence with a second graft in patients who lost a first graft, because recurrence may approach 80%.

Circulating factor

Some evidences suggest a certain circulating factor, perhaps secreted by an abnormal clone of T cells, may increase the glomerular permeation for protein. Persistent proteinuria can lead to the recurrence of FSGS.

Elder age

Children, youngers and adults all may get FSGS. However, children always present primary nephrotic syndrome, which is MCD( minimal change disease). However, adults are often with renal insufficiency, which is more likely to make FSGS recur.

Genetic background

If your family have a history of FSGS, you may easily be attacked by the disease again.

Reducing or stopping steroids

As you know, patients with FSGS often have to take steroid everyday for a pretty long time. Some people may reduce or even stop eating steroid, because the illness is a little better or they cannot bear the side effects of steroids. The result is, FSGS comes back.

Other factors

Overwork or having a cold are also the common factors responsible for the recurrence of FSGS. Besides, uncontrolled high blood pressure and high creatinine level due to immoderate diet or bad life habits, can also cause FSGS recurrence.

The management of patients with recurrent FSGS is difficult and controversial, and no approaches currently available has been shown to be consistently beneficial. In that case, our experts have been trying to develop more targeted approaches. Luckily, we finally made a success in this field. If you want some relevant informations, you can contact with us online or send an email to

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