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Food Therapy

Diet is responsible for so much in our daily life. However, it is not one thing that we do spend enough time focusing on. Food therapy aims at guiding people to good health by choosing right food. Kidney disease is a very chronic medical condition which needs your accurate care on diet.

What is food therapy?

Food therapy is a branch of Traditional Chinese Medicine which achieves healing through the use of natural foods instead of medications. Food therapy is not about going on a diet, but improving patients' diet by allowing them to eat tasty and easy to prepare food that everyone will enjoy and be purchased from local market. This is all about still having a life, without giving up all the good stuff.

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How does food therapy is applied?

In the view of Traditional Chinese Medicine, many foods are sorted in two style--Yin food and Yang food. Yin foods are believed to decrease the body's heat while the Yang ones will increase the heat. Food therapy amis to keep the body in a balance of Yin and Yang by using the both style food in a right way. A person eating too much Yang food might suffer from acne and bad breath while a person eating too much Yin food might be lethargic or anemic.

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Benefits for managing kidney disease

Traditional Chines Medicine views the kidneys as the center of the body's Yin and Yang--the origin of life. Kidney Yin is the foundation of Yin Fluid of the whole body, which moistens and nourishes the organs and tissues. Kidney Yang is the foundation of the yang qi of the whole body, which warms and promotes the functions of the organs and tissues.
When the Kidney yin and yang loses balance, aliments occurs in the renal tissues.
Food therapy helps rebuild the Yin and Yang balance of kidneys by decrease or increase the intake of Yin or Yang foods. This belief in foods having inherent "hot" or "cold" relating "yin" or "yang" is prevalent throughout great China. With this belief, various food therapy are designed for different kidney diseases. Food therapy recipes vary infinitely, depending upon the desired health benefits as well as taste.

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What can you expect from food therapy?

Food therapy is designed to inspire a lifetime of change around your eating habits, your attitude toward food, and your health. You can expect from food therapy:
- New and sustainable healthy habits that will change your kidney conditions in dramatic and positive ways
- confidence in knowing what to eat that will support your kidneys.
-More energy, a new vitality for life
- Better health and wellbeing
- A transformed relationship with food and to your kidneys
-Inspiration in the kitchen: learn how to prepare healthy, quick, easy, delicious meals

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How can I get the recipes that is right for me?

You can leave us a message about your medical conditions to us, our experts will assess an personalized plan of action that depends on your goals and your current lifestyle. The recipes service is free. Or you can call us US +1-909-895-6253 AU +61-02-8373-6766 or email us: .

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How do I get start?

You can start food therapy in several ways. We are always happy to offer you a complimentary 10-minute phone consultation to get an idea if we might be the right fit for each other. Or you are also welcomed to leave a message in the Quick Contact form which lies on the top right conner of this page.
Once we contact with each other the first time, you might know right away which program sounds right for you, in which case, you are encouraged to dive right in.

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Do I have to be good at cooking?

No. Whether you cook at home or eat meal out, knowing what foods to choose to stop your headaches is the most important. The recipes and food recommendations are simple and easy to apply.

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