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How Much Does It Cost for ESRD with Chinese Treatments

How Much Does It Cost for ESRD with Chinese TreatmentsNowadays, Chinese Medicine Treatments have shown a significant curative effects in treating ESRD (end stage renal disease), absorbing more kidney disease patients’ highly attention. When people talk about it, one of the most topic is the cost. Then, how much does it cost? Please read on.

What are Chinese treatments?

Actually, Chinese medicine treatment is not a single therapy. On the contrary, it is natural and systemic treatments that is on the basis of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). Generally speaking, It is consisted of Four-One Therapy and Seven Types of Chinese Therapies. The former therapy includes one bottle of Maikang Mixture, one pair of external application of herbs, one dosage of Chinese Herbal Medicine, and one basin of Foot Bath; the latter treatment has Acupuncture, Enema Therapy, Chinese Medicine Inunction, Hot Compress therapy, Medicated Bath, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, and Foot Bath. To know more details, you can contact with us: or Whatsapp +8615076162199!

Well then, how much does it cost for these treatments?

In fact, the cost may be different from person to person according to the patient’s conditions and the herbs we applied in it. Unlike western medicine, the herbs in these treatments will be adjusted along with the changes of patient’s conditions. That’s to say, the different formulas have different cost. Since we do not know your specific illness condition, so we do not give you an individualized treatment plan and its cost. However, there is a cost’s reference about our various treatments, you can read the page: However, it is just a reference. We will do our best to help more and more patients with the most reasonable cost!

Can I get these treatments in my local?

I am so sorry to say no. So far, these Chinese medicine treatments are only available in our hospital that in China. So if you’d like to get the treatments, you need to come to China. Actually, i is worth if compared with dialysis and kidney transplant. Because it costs less and returns remarkable effect. What’s more, the therapy can stop the progression of kidney disease and improve renal function greatly!

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