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Both Kidneys Shrink: How to Reverse It

Both Kidneys Shrink: How to Reverse ItIf both kidneys shrink, patients should take their kidney disease seriously. This is because kidney shrinkage may be due to end stage renal disease (ESRD). If possible, patients should try to reverse shrunk kidneys and avoid dialysis or kidney transplant.

Kidneys are excretory organs that are responsible for eliminating waste products and toxins, so as to maintain clean blood circulation and a normal internal environment. In turn, blood circulation can provide enough blood and oxygen for inherent kidney cells.

Kidney shrinkage means a large part of inherent kidney cells have been lost. In this condition, kidneys are unable to cleanse the blood effectively, so blood can provide less nutrition and oxygen for inherent kidney cells. This leads to the further aggravation of kidney condition easily.

How to reverse kidney shrinkage? From the above analysis, we can know kidney damage has a close link with polluted blood circulation. If patients want to improve their kidney condition, blood circulation should be normalized and damaged kidney cells should be saved.

According to the above analysis, two therapies can help treat shrinking kidneys effectively. They are Clear Blood Pollution Therapy and Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Clear Blood Pollution Therapy can use various blood purification methods to cleanse the blood thoroughly. In the same time, some essential nutritions are added into blood to prompt the normalization of blood circulation. Then, more blood can flow into kidneys to prompt the renewal of shrinking kidney functioning tissues and provide a good environment for the application of the following treatment.

Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is one external application of traditional Chinese medicine. This therapy can help increase the self-curative ability of inherent kidney cells and nourish damaged kidney cells. As long as more inherent kidney cells get recovery, patients’ kidney size can become normal to some extent.

If you would like, you can ask help through online service or the below message board. Then, kidney experts here can give you some advice for free.

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