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ESRD: Is There Any Alternative Treatment to Homeopathy in India

Q: My father is suffering from ESRD. On 13th December 2012 he was discharged and was having creatinine of 5.9 and bun of 135. After 1 week it rose to 7.5 creatinine and bun 140. But after week don’t know from where bun shoot up to 600 and his creatinine was 5.8. bun effected his brain. I want to ask you that there is any Alternative Treatment to Homeopathy in India for ESRD.

Given your description, your father's condition experienced an advanced progression recently. And this is mainly related with his heart function decline, which worsened the Hypoxic-ischemic state (insufficient blood supply) within kidneys. In addition, both kidneys show moderate shrinkage which is also in accordance with his long disease history.

As to corresponding prognosis or the future expectation with his case, the key exist on how this advanced progression can be handled with. Kidney Disease is actually a progression of damaged cells becoming damaged and damaged cells becoming sclerotic. Once renal cells develop to sclerotic cells, no treatment can reverse them. So, timely and proper treatments can still make a difference for his present condition. However, I am not sure about the Homeopathy there in India. We mainly adopt systematic immunotherapy. If you need relative info, I can attach you some of them via email (

As to immunotherapy, it is general treatment guidance and includes various therapies. Western medicines treat kidney disease through Blocking and Replacing methods. For example, doctor use steroid to Block proteinuria, inodilator drugs to Block hypertension. When renal function declines to end stage, dialysis or transplant is adopted to Replace kidney function. Western method can be considered as Allopathy. The immunotherapy focus on regaining internal balance of the immune system to enhance kidney repair and function improvement. The Immunotherapy also differs from the Homeopathy there in India, because the therapies included in immunotherapy are systematic and comprehensive.

The specific treatments here, one feature is thorough checking on immune system. Due checking helps determining whether the immunity is in disordered state, lowered immunity or over-reactive immune state? Then we adopt traditional Chinese herbal therapies like externally applied herbal bag osmotherapy, Medicated Bath, medicated feet massage, Acupuncture, etc. All these therapies share one aim that is promoting internal environment of the kidneys through promoting blood circulation, anti-inflammation, providing nutrients and degrading these immune complex. For more information, you can leave a message blow.

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