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Is It OK to Take Spirulina Tablet for ESRD Patients

Is It OK to Take Spirulina Tablet for ESRD PatientsBecause spirulina tablet is highly nutritious, it has a variety of edible values as well as medicinal values. However, spirulina tablet, as drug and supplement, does cause some side effects, although it doesn’t always cause adverse reactions. Then, is it OK to take spirulina tablet for ESRD patients?

What are the health benefits of spirulina tablet for patients with end stage renal disease?

The health benefits of spirulina tablet depend on its nutrition structure. Firstly, pure protein accounts for 65% of the mass of spirulina, and it contains 22 essential amino acids which our body can’t make by itself. Secondly, it is a great source of vitamins including vitamin A, vitamin K and vitamin B. Finally, it contains various minerals such as iron and zinc.

1. Decline the burden on kidneys: Kidneys are organs responsible for excreting waste product of protein breakdown. In end stage renal disease, kidneys are unable to filter out these waste products normally. Spirulina tablet mainly provides high-quality protein that doesn’t produce waste products.

2. Regulate blood sugar: Spirulina tablet presents alkaline that can alter patients’ acid constitution. Additionally, it can also adjust blood sugar so as to maintain diabetics’ illness condition.

3. Treat renal anemia: Iron is the raw material of red blood cells, while spirulina is rich in iron that can help improve patients’ renal anemia largely.

4. Boost patients’ immunity: Natural algae blue protein in spirulina can strengthen the cellular immunity, so as to help kidney disease patients fight against their disease.

The side effects of spirulina tablet for ESRD patients

Spirulina may interact with certain prescription medications like immunosuppressive agents. Besides, it may also cause some side effects such as headaches, intestinal gas, fever, nausea and constipation, etc. Therefore, ESRD patients had better take spirulina table with doctors’ guidance.

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