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Is Kidney Transplant A Good Option To Treat Nephropathy

Is Kidney Transplant A Good Option To Treat NephropathyFor patients with renal nephropathy, when their condition has progressed into the late stage, kidney transplant may be an important method to treat their disease and prolong their life expectancy.

Why kidney transplant is needed?

kidney plays a key role in regulating our internal balance, because it can remove the metabolic wastes and excess fluid in patient’s body, regulate the balance of acid-base and electrolytes.

As a result, when patient’s kidney function is damaged obviously, the internal body balance will be broken, and many health problems will be caused. In fact, chronic renal nephropathy is divided into 5 stages, and when patient’s disease progressed into the late stages, his condition will be called kidney failure, which means patient’s kidney function can not filtrated out the metabolic wastes adequately, and many metabolic disorders will appear at this point.

To keep patient’s internal body balance, kidney transplant will be an effective choice to reach that goal, because the healthy kidney will be in charge of regulating patient’s body internal balance.

Is kidney transplant a good method to treat nephropathy?

For patients with severe kidney failure, or patients whose glomerular filtration rate (GFR) is so low that they have use dialysis to prolong their lifetime for a long time, kidney transplant will be a better choice to guarantee patient’s lifetime.

But kidney transplant is a good choice just when patient’s condition is so severe that they have no other better choice, because patients who accept kidney transplant will have rejection reaction in his body all the time, and they have to take suppressing drugs, which can also inhibit his immunity. So, patients are more likely to be infected, which can cause patients’ condition be aggravated easily. Besides, some kidney diseases can relapse when patient has accepted kidney transplant.

Thereby, the best choice for patients with kidney disease is to protect their kidney function when they are still in the early stage, and it is better for them not to accept kidney transplant.

Kidney disease is very dangerous, and if you have any trouble in dealing with it, you can leave us a message about your detailed condition and problem. We will do what we can to help you.

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