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Kidney Transplant Risks and End Stage Kidney Disease in Children

When Kidney Disease develops into end stage kidney disease in children, kidney transplant will be recommended. Transplant is a good way to keep children live a full life. However, knowing its risks in advance helps avoid many problems and offers an better transplant outcome.

What are the kidney transplant risks in end stage kidney disease children?

Renal graft dysfunction

Renal graft dysfunction is the primary problem for children. The causes of renal allograft dysfunction vary with the time after transplantation. In some cases, the new kidney may fail in less than one week post-surgery. It mainly results from the following factors:

Postischemia acute kidney injury, vascular thrombosis of the renal artery or vein, recurrent or de novo renal disease, infection, urinary obstruction, etc.


After renal transplantation, the children have to rely on immunosuppressive drugs to suppress the rejection reaction. Long-term use of these drugs can cause a myriad of complications.

Infection and cancer

After renal transplantation, children have to rely long-term use of immunosuppressive drugs to suppress the immune system. However, the medication therapy places the recipient under increased risk of cancer and infection.


Immunosuppressive drugs can accelerate the protein decomposition and slow down its synthesis, which is a cause for osteoporosis. Also, it can disorder the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus as well as restrain the absorption of calcium. Osteoporosis can increase the fragility and cause retardation.

High risk of Diabetes and cardiovascular diseases

Immunosuppressive drugs can disorder the sugar metabolism and place the children at risk of Diabetes. The parents should monitor their child's sugar level regularly. Additionally, receiving a renal transplantation increases the children's risk of high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Both of them are important factors in causing cardiovascular diseases like stork and heart attack.

However, Kidney Transplant is still a good way for ESRD children currently. If you can take proper managements on Diet, Exercise and Healthy Lifestyle for your children, the Kidney Transplant Risk will be reduced greatly.

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