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Frequent Bowel Movement and ESRD

Frequent Bowel Movement and ESRDFrequent bowel movement can cause the loss of some essential electrolytes or even induce dehydration and fatigue. In view of this, if end stage renal disease (ESRD) patients have this problem, they should find out the underlying cause and then accept corresponding methods.

Diarrhea or frequent bowel movement is one common gastrointestinal tract disorder even for general population. For example, food poisons, bacterial or virus infections, cold foods, catching cold, and so on, can induce frequent bowel movement. If ESRD patients' diarrhea is caused by unhealthy eating habits or lifestyle, they can eat some antidiarrheal to treat their frequent bowel movement.

When kidney disease progresses into end stage, patients will be at a higher risk of diarrhea or frequent bowel movement. In addition to the above causes, some other conditions related to severe kidney damage may also be the triggers.

- Deposits of toxins and waste in the gastrointestinal tract: These substances stimulate intestinal tract to speed up for eliminating these substances. This will affect patients' digestion and absorption, while diarrhea is just one sign of these problems.

- Low immune ability: Patients with end stage renal disease are usually affected by low immune system. This can give a chance for bacteria and virus to attack the body, and then diarrhea occurs easily.

- Declined adrenal cortex function: This problem can induce the decline of gastric acid, so the absorption function of small intestine decreases. Accordingly, patients will experience frequent bowel movement.

If uncontrolled effectively, diarrhea or frequent bowel movement may cause severe electrolyte disorder, dehydration, or further kidney damage. However, to alleviate this problem, patients can't take antidiarrheal freely.

According to the underlying causes, doctors from Kidney Service China can give affected patients a correct treatment plan. Then, they can get rid of this problem effectively.

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