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Why Do ESRD Patients Have Ammonia Taste in Mouth

Why Do ESRD Patients Have Ammonia Taste in MouthAmmonia taste in the mouth is one annoying symptom that may even make ESRD patients not dare to talk with other people. Why do some end stage renal disease patients suffer from bad ammonia taste in mouth?

Generally, ammonia taste in the mouth is attributed to that urea in saliva breaks up to ammonia by bacteria. Urea is one terminal waste product of protein metabolism. Normally, kidneys can excrete urea completely, so urea production and excretion can stay in dynamic equilibrium. Then, healthy people's blood urea nitrogen ranges from 9 to 20mg/dl. However, when kidneys are damaged severely, BUN level will increase. That is to say, extra urea can build up in any organ or system via blood circulation.

How to alleviate ESRD patients' ammonia taste in mouth? Since deposit of urea in the blood is the direct cause, the treatment should begin from eliminating urea from the blood, and patients can try the following methods.

- Ketosteril: This medication can provide more essential amino acids for the body and reduce the production of urea, so it an help reduce blood urea level effectively.

- Chinese medicine enema therapy: In addition to kidneys, intestinal tract is another excretory organ. This therapy is just used to increase the excretory amount of intestinal tract, so more urea can be taken away through shit.

- Medicated Bath and Foot Foot: Skin is another organ that can excrete waste products through sweating. Both of medicated bath and foot bath focus on prompting sweating and improving blood circulation.

These therapies can help ease patients' symptom, but if they want to get rid of this embarrassing problem completely, they should take some therapies that can reverse their kidney damage successfully. To learn more about these remedies, you can consult us online directly.

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