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How to Lower Creatinine 14.2 and Hypertension for ESRD

How to Lower Creatinine 14.2 and Hypertension for ESRDESRD refers to end stage renal disease. With severely damaged kidney function, patients are at the high risk of dangerous creatinine level, refractory hypertension, swelling and some other symptoms. Creatinine 14.2 and hypertension are just signs to warn patients that it is the time to take treatment.

What does creatinine 14.2 and hypertension mean?

Creatinine is one metabolic waste product that can reflect the condition of kidney excretion function, while blood pressure can show the state of fluid and sodium balance and kidney secretion function. In view of this, creatinine 14.2 and hypertension means kidneys fail to eliminate waste products, maintain fluid and sodium balance, and secrete some hormones.

Can dialysis help deal with creatinine 14.2 and hypertension for ESRD patients?

Communicating with nephrologists, you can know it is dangerous when creatinine level is higher than 8mg/dl. 14.2 has been beyond this critical value, so oral medications like ketosteril may be not enough to lower it. For these patients, the biggest benefit of dialysis is to discharge extra fluid and waste products, especially creatinine, urea and uric acid. Therefore, dialysis indeed can help reduce elevated creatinine and control high blood pressure effectively and quickly. However, fluid and creatinine may accumulate in the body again during dialysis sessions, so high creatinine level and hypertension will relapse again and again.

Is dialysis the only choice for ESRD patients?

Fortunately, the answer is no. With the development of medicine technology, some brand new therapies come out in recent years. For example, Immunotherapy and Clear Blood Pollution Therapy have absorb the essence of traditional Chinese medicine and western medicine that can help cleanse blood, expand blood vessels and rebuild kidney structure effectively. Many other therapies are also effective to help overcome end stage renal disease. However, this doesn’t mean all of these treatments are helpful for you. It would not be better if you can take the most suitable treatment.

You are suffering from the pain of ESRD? You haven’t found useful treatments to manage your high creatinine level or hypertension? Don’t give up. All of kidney experts here are always trying their best to help you solve these problems.

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