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How to Treat Severe Anemia and PUO for ESRD Patients

How to Treat Severe Anemia and PUO for ESRD PatientsBecause of low kidney function and toxin deposits, ESRD patients are at a high risk of various problems including severe anemia and PUO (pyrexia of unknown origin). Today, we are here to teach these patients to treat their anemia and PUO.

Making clear the underlying causes should be the first step

As we know, one big kidney function is to produce EPO for stimulating the body to make red blood cells. Decline of kidney function induces lack of EPO, leading to anemia. Besides, build up of toxins and waste products in the body can shorten the life span of red blood cell, so as to cause or worsen anemia. Of course, bleeding tendency is another cause of renal anemia.

As for PUO, it is more likely to be caused by infections. Loss of immunoglobulin, use of some medications, restricted diet plan and deposits of toxins are common reasons for low immunity that can result in infections easily. If uncontrolled effectively, infections can cause PUO.

How to manage severe anemia and PUO for ESRD patients?

Hemoglobin level is one test for detecting anemia. For ESRD patients, they should keep their hemoglobin levels range from 110 to 115 g/L. If it is lower than 110 g/L, EPO injections, iron supplement or even blood transfusion is needed selectively.

To treat PUO, we should figure out the underlying infections that induce this problem. Different kinds of infections need various antibiotics. If you haven’t taken effective medications, you can describe your illness condition to Doctor online. Therefore, doctors can prescribe useful medications for you.

Additionally, some consolidation therapies are also required to treat ESRD patients’ severe anemia and PUO. For example, Medicated Bath, Acupuncture, Circle Therapy, Hot Compress Therapy, etc. All of these remedies can help regulate patients’ immune system, eliminate toxins and protect kidney function. You can use them with doctor’s guidance.

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