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ESRD: High Blood Pressure, Creatinine 6, Kidney Function 12%

Q: I had hypertension since 1992, first detected. The latest medical report says my creatinine is about 6 and Kidney Function12% at this stage. Size of the kidneys from the latest scan done about two years ago is 8.9X3.8 and 7.9X4.1. And my other electrolytes are normal. I need your suggestions, please.

A: According to our experience your kidney function still can been improved. because your kidney size is not very small and your potassium, calcium.etc are normal. Also you have not severe complication.

High Blood Pressure

The primary reason for your kidney disease is high blood pressure. High blood pressure caused by high blood lipid. So we can apply blood purification medical technique to remove redundant blood lipid. after this,blood pressure can decline by itself. at the same time, we can regulate our body to reduce the production of blood lipid. So high blood pressure can been treated in root. The high blood pressure problem was resolved, the damage of kidney can been released.

High Creatinine Level 6.0

You creatinine is increasing, it means your kidney is damaging. high creatinine indicate that there are lots of toxin in your body. these toxin can damaged all organs in our body. when it is too high, it can endanger people's life at any time. that is why people need take dialysis to remove all of those toxin and wast. your creatinine is 6, in many countries, people need take dialysis in this stage.

Kidney Function 12%

now your kidney function is about 12%, that is why your creatinine level increase to 6. the most important thing we need do right now is to improve your kidney function. After kidney function was improved, you will don't need worry about dialysis and transplant. To improve kidney function, Dialysis, Medicated Bath and Chinese Herbal Medicine may be required.

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