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Why Itching Appears In Dialysis Patient

Why Itching Appears In Dialysis PatientDialysis patients can have many obvious symptoms, among which itching is very common.

The reasons for patient to accept dialysis may be various, but the most common reason is kidney failure, which means patient’s kidney function has decreased so much that most metabolic wastes can not be filtrated out and accumulate in patient’s body. At this point, patient will need dialysis to keep the internal balance of his body.

Why itching appears in dialysis patient?

If accepting dialysis is due to kidney failure, patient’s itching be caused by many reasons.

The most common reason of itching is the accumulation of metabolic wastes, like urea or other wastes. The metabolic disorder of phosphorus can also cause patient to have the hyperfunction of parathyroid gland, which can cause the calcium accumulation in skin and the secretion of histamine by mast cells. Besides, patient with kidney failure will need to take many medicines, and the allergic reaction to some medicines can also cause patient to have this symptom.

On the other hand, dialysis will also cause many side effects, and the use of dialysis machine can cause patient to have problems, like itching, muscle cramp, dyspnea, etc, which are mainly caused by the inadaptation to new dialysis machine.

How to relieve this symptom?

In fact, the complications of dialysis is also a major reason that cause patient to quit dialysis, which is very suffering, and itching is also an important reason among them.

In fact, after dialysis, most of the excess metabolic wastes can be filtrated out, and the metabolic disorder of electrolytes can also be corrected, which can relieve patient’s itching obviously.

If patient’s itching is caused by some medicines, finding the replacement drugs will improve patient’s condition obviously. While if patient’s itching caused by the inadaptation to dialysis machine, it is better for patient to choose peritoneal dialysis.

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