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End Stage Renal Failure: Vomiting and Abdominal Pain

Vomiting and abdominal pain is common symptoms of End Stge Renal Failure. It disturbs patient life a lot. How to alleviate the vomiting and abdominal pain should be a necessary knowledge for patients.

What causes vomiting in end stage renal failure?

Kidneys are the most important organ to remove the toxins by filtering the blood throughout the body. When the kidneys fail to function well, various waste products will build up in the body, causing sickness. And when it affects the stomach or intestines, vomiting will attack the patients.

In addition, when the Kidney Disease develops, edema usually enters patient’s life. When edema attacks in your body surface, such as on face, legs or feet, you can see the swellings by your eyes. However, when swelling occurs in your internal organs, you will never see it by your eyes. But, you can feel it. Vomiting and nausea are the indicators of swellings on digestive system.

How to alleviate vomiting?

Removing the toxins and alleviations on edema that affect your digestive system will make a good outcome. Dialysis helps filter the toxins in the body. However, it only can remove the small sized waste products. To remove the middle and large sized toxins, you need to find the specific treatment of Blood Purifications. Each blood purification machine not only takes away the extra toxins, but deals with the excessive fluids all together. “blood purification” can kill two birds with one stone in alleviating vomiting in end stage kidney disease.

What cause abdominal pain in end stage kidney failure?

Abdominal pain related with kidney problems may result from various causes. And the most two common causes are kidney stones and kidney infection. The abdominal pains differs from cause to cause.

If you feel severe and cramp-like pain. It may indicate the kidney stones. And it tends to be intermittent and it may last for 30~60mins at a time. However, abdominal pain resulting from infections produce a dull ache and in this condition, the pain is constant. If your pain is different with these mentioned above, you are suggested to leave a description on the below massage board. Our experts will answer you as soon as possible.

How to alleviate abdominal pain?

Treating abdominal pain depends on its cause. The treatment may include personal behavior changes, food and Diet management, medications and surgery, etc. If you can find a herbalist or Acupuncturist, ask help from him or her. Traditional Chinese Medicine shows specific effects on Chronic Pains and Chronic Kidney Disease.

In addition, some herbs help reduce infection and alleviate pain naturally. Any problems on ESRD, please leave a message below.

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