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Stage 5 Kidney Failure with PKD: Muscle Pain during Hemodialysis

Stage 5 Kidney Failure with PKD: Muscle Pain during HemodialysisFor PKD patients who are nearing Stage 5 Kidney Failure where their kidneys lose 80 to 90% of function, dialysis is often used. In this article today, let's talk about management of muscle pain during hemodialysis treatment.


There are several factors that may lead to muscle pain on hemodialysis including: a decrease of the body fluid volume, hypotension, changes in electrolyte-water balance, low sodium levels, inadequate oxygen, low serum magnesium, etc. Once a patient experience pain of muscle on dialysis treatment, he should contact the healthcare team member as early as possible and get help in alleviating this discomfort.


Some remedies can be useful for Stage 5 Kidney Failure and PKD patients to relieve muscle pain during hemodialysis. These measures include:

If muscle pain occurs during the treatment, it is important to assess the hypotension. Dialysis-related low blood pressure may be treated by slowing or stopping ultrafiltration or decreasing the blood flow rate.

The application of moist heat and local massage of the affected muscle may help relieve the symptom. Performing stretching exercises before hemodialysis is a preventive measure.

Short-term treatment with vitamin E is also a safe and effective therapy for people suffering muscle pain during dialysis. Kindly notice that speak to your doctor to confirm that there are no long term side effects from this remedy.

Trying to learn much about hemodialysis management can help Stage 5 Kidney Failure and PKD patients deal with the treatment better and live an improved quality of life. Is there still anything unclear? Feel free to chat with our online doctor or leave your question in the message board below. Take care!

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