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Stage 5 Kidney Failure Creatinine 8.7 with Diarrhea after Dialysis

Stage 5 Kidney Failure Creatinine 8.7 with Diarrhea after Dialysis"My brother 65 years old suffering from Stage 5 Kidney Failure is on Dialysis 3 times a week. Now his creatinine level is 8.7 and he has diarrhea problem. Plz help!" In response to this inquiry, we offer suggestions as below. Hope it is helpful for other patients in similar cases!

High creatinine level and diarrhea after Dialysis are commonly seen among ESRD patients. Treatments are available to solve both of the problems.

Creatinine 8.7 may occur as a result of inadequate dialysis treatment and continual decline of kidney function. Though increasing the frequency of dialysis can lower creatinine further, it is only temporary strategy. The fundamental way should focus on preventing the progression of kidney failure and trying to improve the patient's renal function. Only in this way, the creatinine level can be thoroughly brought down.

While on dialysis, patients are suggested to take systematic treatment to repair the damaged renal tissues and promote the kidney function. With timely treatment, the frequency of dialysis can be reduced or even get rid of the treatment. Their life expectancy and quality of life will be significantly improved. For personalized advice, please Email us at

As for diarrhea, it may occur due to many reasons such as food allergies/poisoning, side effect of medications, alcohol consumption, nutritional supplements, spicy foods, and diabetes, etc. So it is helpful to speak to a doctor to find out the exact cause and then take treatment accordingly. (Refer to: Best Home Remedy for Diarrhea in Stage 5 Kidney Failure on Dialysis)

Patients are recommended to learn as much as they can about treatment, diet and health care to live a long and fulfilling life with Stage 5 Kidney Failure on or not on dialysis. If you still have any question, fee free to Contact Us.

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