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Stage 5 Kidney Failure on Dialysis: Itching and Some Pain in Leg

Stage 5 Kidney Failure on Dialysis: Itching and Some Pain in LegWhile Stage 5 Kidney Failure patients are on Dialysis, they may experience problems. Two of the most common problems are itching and leg pain.


Itching is a common complaint among dialysis patients which may be brought about by:

1. Dry skin. It occurs because the skin is not making enough oil to moisturize itself.

2. High level of phosphorus in the body. In this case, dialysis does not effectively remove phosphorus.

3. Have an allergy to dialyzer, blood tubing or medications may occur during the treatment like hemodialysis.

4. High levels of PTH in the blood. This can be caused due to a reduced calcium level and an increased phosphorus level.

5. Kyrle's disease. It is associated with diabetes and CKD/Stage 5 Kidney Failure- one series found 9 cases in 200 dialysis patients. Patients suffer from severe refractory itching.

Solution for every patient depends on the exact cause of itching. If you would like to get personalized advice, please chat with our online doctor for free help!

Leg pain

Pain in the leg is also a common condition for patients with Stage 5 Kidney Failure. It can occurs due to reasons as below:

a. Muscle cramping. Muscle cramping of the legs, hands, and feet is fairly common on hemodialysis. Conditions that seem to increase this problem include: hypotension, patient's being below dry weight, use of low sodium dialysis solution.

b. People who smoke on a regular basis, the alcoholics and diabetics are likely to suffer from nerve damage, which is also responsible for pain.

c. Renal osteopathy. Characterized by the pain, fracture and deformation of the bone, this is another cause for pain in the leg.

Remedies are available for leg pain in Stage 5 Kidney Failure and dialysis patients. It is necessary to talk with the doctor who can help determine the accurate cause and offer best treatment option. For more suggestions, please leave a message in the below. Take care!

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