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What Is the Root Cause of End Stage Renal Disease

What Is the Root Cause of End Stage Renal DiseaseEnd stage renal disease is one severe disorder that can cause various complications, some of which may even be life-threatening. Finding out the root cause of ESRD can make patients get right treatments.

For most internal diseases, modern medicine finds one phenomenon: no matter bacteria, virus or metabolic products, they all can induce immune reactions, producing one substance called immune complexes.

Normally, these immune complexes move with blood circulation and are eliminated from the body via sweating, urine or shit. Then, the inner body system can keep normal.

What will happen if they can't be removed out? For example, injury or cold can lead a large amount of bacteria and virus to come into the body, forming a huge amount of immune complexes. If the amount is above the body's excretory ability, these immune complexes will build up in the body. This deposit can appear in two regions: one is internal organ like kidney, and the other is blood. Both of these two conditions can trigger internal diseases.

From the above analysis, the root cause of end stage kidney disease is blood pollution.

Because blood circulation is polluted, various systems in the body will be damaged and a series of symptoms and complications will present. Thereby, the treatment should begin from cleansing the polluted blood, and only easing ESRD complications can't help a lot.

Blood purification methods in western medicine are quite developed that include hemodialysis, peritoneal dialysis, plasma exchange, hemofiltration, immune adsorption, and so on. However, these methods can only cleanse the blood temporarily and can't improve kidney condition.

The blood cleansing method in Chinese medicine is more early than that in western medicine. Chinese medicine mainly uses oral Chinese medicine, Hot Compress Therapy, Medicated Bath, steaming therapy, and so on to treat kidney disease. These therapies focus on improving kidney function and normalizing blood circulation.

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