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What Causes Swollen Kidneys

What Causes Swollen KidneysSwollen kidneys, also called enlarged kidneys, is one pathogenic disorder, because kidneys are larger than the size they should have. If you happen to have this problem, you must find out the underlying causes that is the guarantee of your following treatment.

The common causes of swollen kidneys

In clinical, the following conditions can lead to the enlargement of kidneys. Try to find out which one is in accord with your condition.

1. Polycystic Kidney Disease

If you have back pain, high blood pressure and frequent urinary tract infections, you may be thought to have PKD. This kidney disease is characterized by numerous sac-fluid cysts. Any knock on kidney area may cause kidney cyst rupture, and then patients will have a series of symptoms including hematuria, UTI and kidney pain, etc.

2. Kidney stones

Small kidney stones can go through urinary tract smoothly, while large kidney stones will block the urinary tract and extra fluid will accumulate in the body. Finally, swollen kidneys appear easily.

3. Glomerulonephritis

Swelling is one common sign of glomerulonephritis, because impaired glomeruli are unable to filter out extra fluid, waste products and toxins. Besides, a lot of protein may leak into the urine. Both of these can induce swelling in kidneys area. This makes kidneys look swollen.

4. Reflux nephropathy

Normally, urine flows into bladder from kidneys. If urine flows reversely, we call it reflux nephropathy. This condition can be attributed to a urinary tract infection, bladder infection, congenital defection and some other factors.

Additionally, hydronephrosis and interstitial nephritis can also cause swollen kidneys. Different causes need different management methods. If you want to make your kidneys back to normal, you should work actively with your doctor. Anything unclear about swollen kidneys’ causes, symptoms or treatments, feel freely to contact us. Leaving a message below is just OK.

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