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If I Have ESRD, What Things Can I Do and Not Do

If I Have ESRD, What Things Can I Do and Not DoESRD is the abbreviation of end stage renal disease. For these patients, any negligence in their daily life may cause irreversible health problem. Then, most of kidney patients want to know what things can they do and not do with ESRD in advance, in order to prevent the onset of serious complications.

The basic requirements for ESRD patients’ life.

Kidneys are great excretory organs. Once they are damaged severely, patients are more likely to suffer the pain of high blood pressure, swelling, proteinuria, hematuria, poor appetite and sleep problems, etc. In this case, the basic requirement is not to increase the burden or cause damage to kidneys.

What things should ESRD patients not do?

Compared with general population, ESRD patients usually have low immunity, internal environment imbalance, low excretory ability and many other symptoms. Therefore, these patients are recommended to avoid the following things.

- Strenuous exercise such as football, basketball, fast running, etc. If patients’ kidney failure is due to PKD, it is also needed to get rid of bending or stretching actions.

- Alcohol, beer and caffeine-containing drinks that may worsen patients’ health problems like high blood pressure and swelling.

- Eating foods that contain high salt, potassium, phosphorus or fat.

- Drinking extra fluid or eating foods containing low-quality protein.

- Excessive sex life which may cause urinary tract infections or make patients get too tired.

- Going to public places frequently.

Besides, many other small things may lead ESRD patients’ kidney condition to aggravate quickly. Therefore, patients should modify their diet plan and lifestyle tightly with doctor’s guidance. (To learn more about things not to do, you can send email to or consult the online doctor directly.)

What things can ESRD patients do?

Except the above requirements, ESRD can still try their best to enjoy their life just like other people. Keeping a good mood should be a beginning of every new day. Also, ESRD patients are suggested to do things including:

- Take in more high-quality protein such as egg white and lean meat.

- Do moderate exercise regulating like walking, Tai Chi and yoga if without PKD.

- Choose fish oil, flaxseed oil or olive oil to replace animal oil.

- Drink correct amount of water or fresh beverage.

- Keep a positive metal attitude.

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