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Stage 5 Kidney Failure: Can Dehydration Make Me Worse

Stage 5 Kidney Failure: Can Dehydration Make Me WorseDehydration happens when the body loses more fluid than one take in. This condition may occur in chronic kidney disease due to inadequate fluid intake. For people with Stage 5 Kidney Failure, can dehydration make their condition worse?

The answer is "YES". Dehydration may cause side effects of multiple body systems. Some problems are even life-threatening.

Harmful effects of dehydration in Stage 5 Kidney Failure

1. People with this condition may experience symptoms including dry mouth, fatigue, headache, migraines, back pain, elevated cholesterol level, high blood pressure, etc.

2. In severe cases, it will result in decreased urine output, a rapid heart rate and altered mental status (confusion and unconsciousness). Emergency medical care is necessary for a person with this state.

Dehydration thus, may lead to many harmful problems of the Stage 5 Kidney Failure patient's body. Precautions should be taken to avoid the condition.

▪ Drink proper amount of water. People with Stage 5 Kidney Failure may need to restrict their fluid intake. Typical fluid intake for Dialysis patients is 700-1,000 mL/day, plus urine output. If you want personalized advice on exact amount of fluid intake, please Email us at

▪ Stay away from coffee, colas, or other drinks that contain coffeine. Avoid alcohol, including beer and wine. Do not take salt tablets.

▪ Avoid high protein diets. For non-dialysis patients, suggested protein intake is 0.6-0.75 g/kg body weight/d. People on dialysis need higher amount ranging 1.2-1.3 g/kg body weight/d.

If you still have any question about Stage 5 Kidney Failure management, feel free to leave a message in the below. We will reply you promptly!

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