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Lifespan of Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 7.8 No Dialysis

Lifespan of Stage 5 Kidney Failure with Creatinine 7.8 No DialysisWhen an individual has Stage 5 Kidney Failure, it means that the kidneys are no longer functioning properly or playing their roles in filtering out waste products and extra fluid in the blood. In general, Dialysis is suggested when patient's creatinine level is higher than 5mg/dl. However, for a person with creatinine 7.8 no dialysis, what could be his or her lifespan?

Actually, if a person with ESRD and creatinine 7.8 doesn't do dialysis, toxins build up in the body and death usually comes within a few weeks. Why will this happen?

Without life-saving dialysis or Kidney Transplant, the patient will most likely to feel nauseous and suffer from vomiting and diarrhea. Toxins and fluids will continue to build up, since they have no way to being disposed of.

Finally, the person will begin to swelling from the retention of fluid, and will be poisoned by toxins. Since the fluid have nowhere to go, they will begin to fill parts of the body such as lungs, causing life-threatening complications.

Fortunately, for people with Stage 5 Kidney Failure and creatinine 7.8 who do not want to start dialysis, there is alternative natural treatment option that can help them to largely prolong their life expectancy. Early treatment is the key to reverse high creatinine level and avoid dialysis. If you or your beloved one has Kidney Failure, you can find new hope here to live a much longer life. The following articles give detailed introduction about the treatment, please check them:

Latest Treatment for End Stage Kidney Disease--Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy

Stage 5 CKD: Alternative Option of Dialysis to Improve Kidney Function

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