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Can Coriander Be Consumed by Kidney Disease Patient

Can Coriander Be Consumed by Kidney Disease PatientWhen your kidneys are diseases, it is necessary for you to choose the beneficial foods and avoided the harmful fruits and vegetables etc. Can Coriander Be Consumed by Kidney Disease Patient? If you need a personal answer, you can talk with our online free service--type your questions in the box which jumps into your screen from the lower side corner. It is free!

Healthy Diet and Kidneys

Kidneys work to remove the excessive water, waste products in blood and regulate a balanced internal environment. Your kidneys tirelessly filter about 50 gallons of blood every day and produce up to 2 quarts of urine. To keep your kidneys healthy, plenty of water, sufficient rest and a well-balanced diet are key.

Is coriander a good choice for patient with Kidney Disease?

Generally speaking, coriander is a good choice for most cases with kidney problem, because:

- coriander is useful to remove mercury which is a harmful metal for kidney condition. The increased level of mercury in blood will raise the risk for Kidney Damage. In a study, 25 days of supplementation with cilantro decreased lead levels in the body and reduced lead-induced kidney damage.

- Coriander helps reduce the risk of Diabetic Nephropathy. Diabetes it the leading cause for kidney damage. Experts find the antioxidant benefits of coriander, which can help prevent diabetes-related kidney damage. In addition, it is proved that coriander help lower blood sugar level and offer safe and natural benefits for damaged kidneys.

- Coriander also is rich in a variety of vitamins, including folic acid or vitamin B-12; riboflavin, which also is a B vitamin; niacin or vitamin B-3; vitamin A; beta carotene and vitamin C.

Coriander can be eaten raw or cooked, besides, each part of this herb, such as its stem, seeds and leaves is edible. How to cook it, to make it most healthy for Kidney Disease Patients? If you have interest in cooking, you can get the kidney health recipe by leaving a message below or you can get it directly from our online service! And it is free!

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