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Sashimi and Kidney Disease

Sashimi and Kidney DiseaseIs sashimi a good choice for kidney disease patient? Sashimi is a theoretically healthy food. However, if it is cooked in restaurant or processed, it will not be healthy any more.

Is sashimi a good choice for Kidney Disease?

Theoretically, sashimi is a rich omega-3 fatty acids, low-fat source of protein, low-calorie source. Omega 3 fatty acids are thought to be good choice to help kidney disease patients to improve eyesight, promote cardiovascular health, lower bad cholesterol while raising good cholesterol, and combating depression. Its benefits make itself also a good choice for Diabetes or High Blood Pressure patients.

however, sashimi is not always a good choice for patients wit kidney disease.

- In some cases, doctors advise patients to limit or avoid sashimi, because the sashimi we eat in daily life are usually cooked with various condiments, such as salt, paprika powder etc. Also, we try cook it by ourselves, but it has been processed in most supermarkets, before we buy them. All processed forms of sashimi, including frozen sashimi are not suggested.

- Due to the mercury, when pregnant, you should avoid all raw fish in sushi or sashimi.

- Most sashimi is very low in fat, with the majority of fish containing less than a gram of fat per ounce, but some like monkfish and eel can go as high as five grams of fat per ounce. Thereby, patients are suggested to avoid these high fat raw fish.

Is sashimi or sushi healthier for kidney disease patient?

Sushi refers to rice so sashimi is raw fish without the rice. Sashimi can be healthier than sushi since many rolls contain fried fish, vegetables, and mayonnaise. Sashimi is typically slabs of fresh fish over rice or not. To choose healthy sushi, get plain, non-spicy rolls of fish and fresh veggies like cucumber or avocado.

If you love Sashimi, but happen to be a person with Kidney Disease, we are glad to help find a solution for you. If you are willing share your condition, we are here to help.

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