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Curry and Kidney Disease

Curry,Kidney DiseaseCurry food is a very popular food, especially in India and it is welcomed in boards from different countries. However, it curry food a good choice for Kidney Disease? Read on and you will find the answer right now!

Curry Food

Curry food in India contains various flavor and is famous for its variety, beautiful color, rice flavor, spices and delicious taste. Curry refers to all the dishes, which are soupy and have gravy. Usually a tint of sour taste is usually found and in rare cases sweet flavor. Every part of the country has a different way of preparing a dish with different ingredients. It is reported, there are about 25 kinds of seasonings are used in curry foods, which makes them a bad choice for people with Kidney Disease.

Curry Food and Kidney Disease

Curry food may make your food more delicious. However, it is not suggested to take for people with Kidney Disease for it may cause the following damages.

Kidney Stone

Turmeric is a main seasoning of curry food which can increase urinary oxalate levels, and raise the risk of kidney stone formation in those prone to the condition.

Gastrointestinal Damage

Gastrointestinal Damage is a common complication of Kidney Disease. When kidneys are failed, waste products will build up in blood, causing various damages to organs. And when they deposit in Gastrointestinal organs, it causes damage here. As there are plenty of spicy seasonings in curry food, it may worsen the existing Gastrointestinal damage in people with Kidney Disease.

Elevated Blood Pressure

It is reported that the curry food may cause the elevated blood pressure which will worsen the kidney damages. This spicy food may cause further inflammation in kidneys. Also, if much intake of curry food is taken, it may interfere with the effects of your present treatment, such as Chinese Herbal Medicine.

Do you like curry foods? If so, you may be interested in the specific curry foods recipes which are designed for Kidney Disease in particular. Leave your message below and we are glad to recommended the right curry foods based on your own kidney conditions.

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