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Can Red Dates Soup Lower Hypertension for Kidney Patients

Can Red Dates Soup Lower Hypertension for Kidney PatientsHigh blood pressure or hypertension is one typical symptom of chronic kidney disease, while some Chinese soups can help lower high blood pressure. Red dates soup is one common Chinese soup that may help manage hypertension effectively.

Red dates soup

The nutrients in red dates soup mainly come from red dates. Red dates contain vitamin C, riboflavine, thiamine, carotene, nicotinic acid, catechol, tannin, amino acids, calcium, phosphorus, iron, and so on. Therefore, red dates in China are used in many fields to improve patients’ overall health condition.

Red dates soup and high blood pressure

Red dates contain cyclic adenosine monophosphate that is the essential ingredient for cell energy metabolism, alleviating fatigue, expanding blood vessels, increasing myocardial contractility, preventing cardiovascular diseases, etc.

When patients have high blood pressure, it means the pressure against blood vessels increases. This is more likely to be due to increased blood volume or abnormal hormone secretion. Dilating blood vessels can reduce the pressure of blood volume to vascular walls.

For kidney disease patients, red dates can also help reduce high cholesterol level, fight against allergic reaction, prevent cardiovascular disease, prevent and treat renal anemia, and so on. From this point, we can know patients with Chronic Kidney Disease indeed can get a lot of benefits from red date consumption.

However, if patients eat too many, they may experience some side effects such as constipation, dizziness, vision problem, and so on. Therefore, patients should make sure they are eating red dates in correct amount.

To strengthen the effects of red dates soup on reducing high blood pressure, patients can add some other foods like celery, wolfberry leaves, spinach and carrot into the soup. Then, patients can get more benefits from their soup.

If you want to get a most suitable soup for yourself, you can leave a message below. So, we can give you more suggestions in detail.

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