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Is Potato Chip Beneficial for Dialysis Patient

Potato Chip,DialysisWhen you are on dialysis, it indicates that your kidneys cannot work well. Potato chips are common and delicious snack for most western citizens. Well, it seems not a good choices for people on dialysis.

Diet plays a very important role in the treatment of Kidney Disease. If you have Kidney Disease or are on dialysis, you may need to restrict the amount of potassium, phosphorus, sodium and protein in your diet.

Is potato chip beneficial for Dialysis Patient?

Potato chips are common choice of snack. Snacking is okay on the dialysis diet, especially if it helps curb your hunger and prevents you from overeating at your next meal--as long as you make healthy choices.

As for the healthy choices, the foods which is rich in sodium should be avoided. Unluckily, potato chips contains rich sodium. In addition, potato chips are rich in potassium, which makes the chips a bad choice for Dialysis patients.

Besides potato chips, there are also other avoided foods for your information, if you happen to be a person on Dialysis.

Other Avoided Foods

- Tomatoes and tomato sauce

- Cooked spinach

- Avocado

- Parsnips and rutabaga

- Pumpkin

- Beets

- Winter squash

- Asparagus

- Beet greens

In addition, more canned foods and frozen food contain high amounts of sodium. A high sodium intake will make patients easier feel thirsty and drink more fluids. This will increase the heart burden and causes high blood pressure.

Good news is that Potato Chip is not the only choice as a snack. The following snacks can be an option for Dialysis patients. However, remember to check the nutrition label and avoid any items that contain added phosphorus.

- Unsalted popcorn

- Animal crackers

- Unsalted pretzels

- Bread sticks

- Rice cakes

- Bagels

- Muffin

- Croissant

- Low-sodium or unsalted tortilla chips

- Graham crackers

- Low-sodium crackers

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