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Restricted Foods for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Restricted Foods for Chronic Kidney Disease PatientsYou may need to modify your diet plan, if you are diagnosed with chronic kidney disease. To arrange a correct diet plan, patients should find out what foods are restricted in their everyday life.

1. High-sodium foods

Diseased kidneys fail to determine how much fluid and sodium collect in the body. In this condition, extra sodium intake will cause more fluid to retain in the body and make overwork of kidneys. To ease swelling and high blood pressure, kidney disease patients should limit high-sodium foods.

2. Incomplete protein

Different from high-quality protein, incomplete protein can produce more metabolic waste products which are excreted by kidneys. To protect the remaining kidney functioning tissues and take in enough nutrition, CKD patients should choose complete protein, also called high-quality protein.

3. High-purine foods

With the decline of kidney function, excessive amount of uric acid may accumulate in the blood, resulting in arthritis and gout, and uric acid is generated from purine. To reduce the production of uric acid, it is necessary to avoid high-purine foods such as animal giblets, mushroom, sea fish, and so on.

4. Spicy foods

Spicy foods have strong thrill that may disturb Yin-Yang balance. Eating too many spicy foods may worsen patients' illness condition easily, so patients with chronic kidney disease should stay away from spicy condiments, alcohol, beer, hot pepper, and so on.

5. High-potassium or high-phosphorus foods

If kidney disease has progressed into end stage, extra potassium and phosphorus will accumulate in the body. In this condition, patients should control their intake of potassium and phosphorus, so they are suggested to avoid high-potassium and high-phosphorus foods.

After knowing what foods should be restricted in kidney-friendly diet plan, patients should learn to arrange a correct eating plan by themselves. If you still have any question, you can consult the doctor online or email to

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