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Diet and Recipes to Reduce Protein in Urine

Diet and Recipes to Reduce Protein in Urine Protein in urine is one dangerous sign of kidney disease, because it is usually caused by damage to glomeruli or renal tubules. If one person is diagnosed with proteinuria, he or she should take correct diet and recipes to lower protein in urine.

Foods to eat for managing protein leakage

Although foods are unable to be the curative therapy for proteinuria, some foods indeed can help reduce protein in urine to some extent or at least avoid to worsen this problem. They are:

* High-quality protein to supplement lost protein such as egg white, lean meat and milk

* A small amount of moisture content of fruits like peach and grape

* Camerron food, food high in carbohydrates, rice and cooked wheaten food

* More vegetables such as carrot, mushroom and white fungus

Foods to avoid for alleviating protein leakage

Stay away from foods that may trigger the onset or aggravation of proteinuria. Kidney doctors say several foods should avoid in this diet plan.

* Spicy or excitant foods: Chilli, seafoods, beef and mutton

* Nourishing or heat foods: Leechee, chocolate and so on

* Alcohol-containing drinks

* High-potassium foods like banana, orange, tomato, etc

According to the above requirements, we give out some recipes that can help control protein in urine. For example:

1.Ingredients: 50g dangshen, 60g astragalus membranaceus, a little brown sugar and 100g japonica rice. Cut astragalus membranaceus into slice and put it into pot, and add clear water. Then, boil them into porridge slowly.

2.Ingredients: 200g broad bean and 100g brown sugar. Add water and boil them into 500ml. Patients can drink 100 ml with empty stomach in the morning and eat some broad bean.

Many other recipes can also help ease protein in urine. If you want to treat your protein leakage through diet, you can leave a message below.

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